About Asian American Unity Coalition

Organizational Structure & Board

AAUC Structure

• The General Body which is consists of all active members
• The Board of Governors is elected by the General Body
• The Executive Officers elected by the General Body
• Executive Committee is made up of the officers and standing committee chairs and the past president

Standing committees includes:

• 4CUE Committee
• Membership Committee
• Board Development Committee
• Public Relations Committee
• Educational Program and Conference Committee
• Constitution and Bylaws Committee & Ethics Committee

Provisional Board of Governors and Committees 

After the historic meeting in Alaska in August 2018, in which 12 different National and Regional organizations representing 5 major ethnic Asian American groups: Chinese, Indian, Filipino, Korean and Japanese had gathered, the Forging Unity Committee was dissolved. In it’s place is the transition team that oversees the continuation of the work proposed at the conference. Two committees were formed at the conference: the AAUC platform committee and the AAUC structure/membership committee. The platform committee had convened and a draft statement of the AAUC platform based on the identified core values was proposed. The transition team consists of the following members: 

Acting President – SK Lo
Acting VP – Olivia Adrian (Membership Chair)
Acting VP – Jesse Vizcocho
Acting Secretary – David Walberg
Acting Treasurer – Aiwa Zelinsky
Board Development Committee Chair – Piyush Agrawal  

2. Bylaws and Constitution

Bylaws Draft Version 1.4, Approved August 2019 
Constitution Draft Version 1.6, Approved September 2019   
Please download Bylaws and Constitution in PDF format here. 


Asian Americans shall either win equal citizenship UNITED or suffer discrimination separately. To aspire to live as equals in a free market system like the U.S.A. where we represent one of the smallest minorities, we must UNITE to acquire sufficient strength to fight off discrimination.