Our Board of Governors

Organization Representatives

80-20 UNITED President: Joel Wong AAUC Representative: Aiwa Zelinsky (CA)

The mission of 80-20 United is to educate and engage Asian Americans in the area of public affairs and civic leadership and to encourage AAPI community to get involved and participate in the democratic process in the United States. 80-20 Initiatives has a long history of AAPI empowerment and experienced Board members. Will work with AAUC to unite all AAPI organizations, and work towards educating and empowering the AAPI community.

AAPICA: Asian American Pacific Islanders Coalition of Alaska. President: Jesse Vizcocho; AAUC Representative: Jesse Vizcocho (AK)

The mission of AAPICA is to inspire, engage, and empower Asian and Pacific Islanders through education, leadership and active participation in civic and public affairs. Our diverse membership makes us strong, trusted and connected to something bigger and important. Partnership, Collaboration, Dedication and Commitment is at the heart of everything we do at APPICA. We expect AAUC to do the same but on a national scale: to forge unity amongst our people and to promote the best interest of the AAPI Communities across the nation.

APT-FF:  API FORWARD FOUNDATION. President: Ping Khaw; AAUC Representative: Ping Khaw (OR) 

The mission of API-FF is to develop, through education, civically-engaged, socially-responsible Asian American and Pacific Island leaders and professionals. API-FF has a diverse and experienced nine-member Board of Directors representing various industries, skills and communities. It has established programs and initiatives providing mentorship, collaboration and leadership training with a strong network based and rooted in the Pacific Northwest.  It will work with AAUC to establish a network of organizations and individuals committed to serve a common purpose of advancing the API community providing best practices in terms of non-profit work, programming/events, outreach, leadership, fundraising with a common understanding of the relevant and prevalent issues impacting the API community, and resources to better serve the API community

CLUSA: Civic Leadership USA. Chair: Sandy Chau; AAUC Representative: Anthony Ng, Executive Director (CA)

The mission of CLUSA is to empower and organize the Asian American communities, to create a national network of civic-minded organizations and leaders and work in unity. CLUSA has a national network thru our grantees nationwide and resource development (monetary & human resource), access to APIA grant maker network as well as Civic leadership network database and Video training library in civic leadership & engagement. It provides grant programs in civic leadership forum, civic leadership internship, capacity building, technical assistance in Media/Web Dev/Resource Dev/Strategic planning. It will work with AAUC to establish a pipeline of APIA candidates to run for public offices in USA and to forge a national APIA coalition in civic engagement in USA

FAPAC: Federal Asian Pacific Islanders American Council. President: Olivia Adrian; AAUC Representative: Olivia Adrian

FAPAC’s mission is to share an interest in the advancement of Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) employees in the Federal/DC government and the military Organization. FAPAC is the oldest and largest AAPI Affinity for the Federally employed Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI). It is a nationally recognized organization that serves as a conduit through which the interests, issues, and representation of AAPI in the Federal, State, County, City and District of Columbia governments are addressed. FAPAC promotes partnerships with the public and private sectors in the community it serves. It will work with AAUC to form partnership and support to meet FAPAC mission including sponsorship from AAUC during the FAPAC annual National Leadership Training Program during the month of May that coincides with celebrations the Asian Pacific Americans Heritage (APAH) month.

GOPIO: Global Organization of People of Indian Origin. President:Thomas Abraham; AAUC Representative: Thomas Abraham

GOPIO provides community service to our communities and to project a good image of India and the countries they live in. GOPIO has a big outreach in the Indian American community. GOPIO can do advocacy for Indian Americans, but would like to join with other Asian groups for common agenda

KAC: Korean American Coalition. National President: Jenny Kim. AAUC Representative: Jenny Kim.

KAC endeavors to achieve its goals through education, community organization, leadership development, and coalition-building with diverse communities. KAC has chapters in Washington, Oregon, Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, Dallas Fort Worth, Denver, Atlanta, and Hawaii. Los Angeles is our headquarters office with paid staff and an office. KAC has relationships and reputation as a non-partisan community advocacy group and has many previous members and board members who are in elected and appointed roles in the government. We have a big reach in communities with large Korean populations and can engage with many Korean speaking community organizations due to our relationships. KAC wants to increase our reach and our voice to advocate for immigrants and people of color in the US. Together we are stronger and can have a greater impact and more accomplishments.

Oregon NOW: National Organization for Women Oregon Chapter. President: Christine Chin Ryan; AAUC Representative: Christine Chin Ryan

As the grassroots arm of the women’s movement, the National Organization for Women is dedicated to its multi-issue and multi-strategy approach to women’s rights, and is the largest organization of feminist grassroots activists in the United States. NOW has hundreds of chapters and hundreds of thousands of members and activists in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Since its founding in 1966, NOW’s purpose is to take action through intersectional grassroots activism promoting feminist ideals, lead societal change, eliminate discrimination, and achieve and protect equal rights of all women and girls in all aspects of social, political, and economic life. Oregon NOW is a strong advocacy and legislative group that can support AAUC in uniting to fight discrimination and to be heard in our current political climate. Oregon NOW has extensive experience in building political clout, fighting against racial bias, and to increase civic engagement and leadership amongst its members. AAUC’s focus on this work aligns with NOW’s work and both organizations can support one another in this regard.

NFIA: National Federation of Indian-American Associations. President: Angela Anand; AAUC Representative: Angela Anand

NFIA’s mission is to promote and foster goodwill between the people of the United States & the people of India. NFIA has presence in many metropolitan cities so it can work cooperatively with AAUC in getting the information circulated. NFIA has been organizing the Congressional Luncheons, White House briefings, Women Conferences, and bi-annual Conferences. It’s major goals continue to providing a nucleus and serving as a catalyst, becoming a forum for exchange of ideas, and representing the interests of the Indian American community. At the same time provide, direct, develop, and secure resources from among the members associations and others for needy, disadvantaged and deserving groups and individuals. It will work together with AAUC in articulating issues common to all Asians Organizations.

VAA: Vietnamese American Alliance. President: Peter Nguyen; AAUC Representative: Peter Nguyen

The mission of VAA is to promote, empower, and advance the Vietnamese-American community in the economic arena and to mentor, empower, and advance emerging or established leaders, entrepreneurs, community/social activists, and professionals within their respective industries. It supports Vietnamese-American individuals, organizations, businesses, and investors by providing a network to promote job opportunities, business opportunities, entrepreneurship, collaborations/strategic partnerships, and investment opportunities. VAA will represent the Vietnamese American Organization Leaders from the DMV to AAUC. The unity and coalition of Vietnamese American communities among the API communities that will be a win-win for all of us.

Individual Lifetime Members

Piyush Agrawal – (FL)

Dr. Agrawal represents a rare combination of a professional expert in education, a successful business entrepreneur, a well-respected community service activist and a philanthropist. He is a former United Nations Expert in Education and a Retired Superintendent of Schools, He was appointed to the U.S. 2000 Census Advisory Committee on the Asian and Pacific Islander Populations. Piyush is very active in civic and social non-profit organizations. He had served as the past president and chairman of many Asian American Organizations in the past 40 years. He established a Degree College for Girls in rural India. 

Allan Fung – (RI)

Allan Fung is the four term Mayor of Cranston, RI. He was the Republican nominee for Governor in 2014 and 2018. Allan was the first Asian American Mayor elected in the State’s history. He led the city to be the top 50 cities to live in America by 24/7 Wall Street and the best place in RI to live by Money Magazine. Before becoming Mayor, he was the Government Relations Counsel for MetLife.

SK Lo – (MN)

Dr. Lo is a theoretical Physicist with an MBA in Strategic Management. She worked at Honeywell Inc. in classified defense research and established two successful Kumon franchise outlets in Minneapolis. She was the founding president of the Kumon franchisee association and won variable pricing for the franchisees. She was a board member of 80-20 Educational Foundation. She  sits on the board of 80-20 PAC. She is elected as the first president of AAUC.

Mie Mie Joe Strickler – (MD)

Mie Mie is appointed as the Asian Pacific American Commissioner of Maryland. She gained her international Business skills while employed at the University of Delaware International Program Department. She organized seminars and meetings between foreign businessmen with State and Federal officials and US business owners in DE, PA, MD and NY. In her retirement, she is active in her church and serving at homeless shelters and sits on various boards. 

Xiaoyan Zhang – (PA)

Dr. Zhang is a data scientist, a visiting professor at the U of Pittsburg and a member of scientific peer review group for CDC and NIH. He is actively involved in promoting civic engagement and political participation by AAPI community. He is a board member and chair of United Chinese Americans (UCA) and published many articles on embracing a pluralist society and building a multi-ethnic democracy in the U.S.